Iaac launches a new master’s program: Master in Advanced Interaction

The Master in Advanced Interaction is an international program to explore creative uses of technology for experimental and practical purposes. Our learning-by-doing research integrates methods used in design, programming and social sciences to produce projects prototypes and products that will define the outer limits of what is possible to do imaginatively with technology today.

Our precedents

Barcelona, Hub for innovative technologies

Barcelona, the city that has historically been recognized as an international benchmark for design, architecture and urbanism, now stands as the world capital of the mobile. Our city is creating a multi-disciplinary ecosystem of companies that favors cross-industry collaboration in the development of innovative solutions and provides them with the resources necessary for them to deploy their mobile strategies in Barcelona.

Why this new Master in Advanced Interaction at Iaac?

The Institute for Advanced Architecture was founded with the idea of creating new paradgimas fo the design of the human habitat, acting in a multiescalar approach, from Bits to Geoigrpahy. In the first edition of the Master in Advanced Architecture, with Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, UPC, and i2CAT in a large project: The Media House.